How this project began

On Nov 10, 2017, I posted this question on Facebook:

WHERE Were You When You Were Harassed?

I received over 100 responses on the first day. Originally, I was interested in understanding the common places and the range, but in the first week the responses quickly became infused with emotionally powerful and moving personal responses. I realized this project was less about visualizing data points and more about being a vehicle to bring deep, often buried personal sexual harassment stories out into the open in a safe, respectful and anonymous way.

I realized this project serves as a witness to stories that need to be told.

Submissions are open to gender and nongender contributors. This is an inclusive project. (I originally took responses from women only, but that excluded and discouraged too many contributions.)

I am very grateful for the honesty and as the content is so sensitive, I only use the text of the answer, without anyone’s name or identifying information. I hope and believe this creates a safe space.



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